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Peru - Primero De Mayo Drying Beds - Complete (2019)

Peru - Primero De Mayo Drying Beds - Complete (2019)

Drying beds can improve the quality of a green coffee bean at origin.  By having a drying bed farmers can control more of the process which leads to a higher quality bean and a higher price that they can get per pound.  At Luna Gourmet we seek to find the highest quality beans while partnering with farmers to help their future.  



Mar 2019

In a continued effort to improve coffee quality, materials were brought to Primero de Mayo and raised drying beds were built. These drying beds are a game changer, and keep the harvested coffee cherries off the ground and allow air to circulate more easily. The end result: clean cherries that dry evenly, creating a more consistent, higher grade coffee. 


Jun 2019

10 drying beds are installed and now in use.  A demo plot has also been installed right next to the school as part of a test farm system.  The goal of the test farm is to help farmers in the region learn best practices for a better harvest.  They will receive education on the best agronomic practices through programs brought to the co-op through our partnership with Volcafe.