The School That Coffee Built

Peru - Primero de Mayo School - Complete (2018)

Peru - Primero de Mayo School - Complete (2018)

We will always hold the Primero de Mayo community close to our hearts since this was our first project. Join us and follow along on our journey to help this coffee farming community.

October 2017

We were presented with the opportunity to partner with our Peruvian farming co-op, Primero de Mayo, to rebuild their school building, and we couldn’t be more honored to be involved. Owners Doug and Jason were able to visit the co-op (via planes, cars, and mules!) and as they met the farmers and their families, they were also able to witness firsthand the impact that this new school will have on the entire community. The finished project will not only provide an improved learning environment for the children, but also provide a communal meeting space in which the farmers can improve their own farming techniques and pass on their knowledge of coffee farming to the generations to come.

January 2018

Materials have been gathered for the schoolhouse renovations. Bricks have been carried through the jungle by mule (43 bricks at a time!). The existing walls have been demolished in preparation for the new, sturdier and better weathering structure that will house day to day school activities, town meetings and community gatherings.



March 2018

How cool is this? Wood from the region, prepared by a local team of carpenters, was used for the trusses for the new roof of the school house. So much love and hand craftsmanship is already going into the school, we can't wait to see the rest of the school house take shape over the next few months.

Wood is being removed and replaced with concrete beams to help with longevity of the structure, steel panels will be reused.

May 2018

The school is taking shape before our very eyes - the new structure is a complete game changer for the farmers and their community. The concrete for the septic system is almost fully set! Having running water in the school is a complete game changer for the farmers and their families - not only does this mean the school house will have running water and plumbing for a bathroom, but the kitchen in the center of the school house will also be fully functional. Town meetings, farming education sessions and celebrations will now be able to be prepped in a state of the art kitchen for generations to come.


May 2018

Final touches are starting to fall into place for the schoolhouse! New floors are complete throughout, the doors and windows have been installed and a fresh coat paint of paint all around has really made the structure a sight to see.


Aug 2018

The schoolhouse is serving as so much more than just an education center. The new state of the art kitchen allows the entire community to gather for a meal together!


Oct 2018

Our owners Doug and Jason headed back to Peru for a very special visit. Not only did they have a chance to visit the dry coffee mill and cup the latest coffee crop, but they were also able to attend the celebration of the completion of the School that Coffee Built in Primero de Mayo. What an incredible honor to see the impact of this new school building first hand. The project has been such a great success.


Nov 2018

With the additional funds raised through this program, a brand new playground was added to the school! While in Peru, Doug and Jason were able to visit the schoolhouse. The children were eager to show off their new classroom, now full of books, art supplies and they gave Luna Gourmet a hand-made and signed chair from their classroom.