The School That Coffee Built

Peru - Agua Azul School - Complete (2019)

Peru - Agua Azul School - Complete (2019)

If you joined us on our journey, you know that in 2018 we finished building a school in Primero de Mayo and thanks to the support of our customers, we set out to build a second school in the nearby coffee farming community of Agua Azul.




July 2019

Owners Doug and Jason were able to visit Agua Azul not too long ago, and while they were there, they learned that one of the biggest needs in this village is to build a preschool next to the elementary school so that everyone can be in one area during the day. They also identified the need to build bathrooms and a kitchen to allow for community gatherings. Additionally, the community is wanted Internet access and a computer to begin teaching English and online skills.


August 2019

Blue prints and materials have been delivered, and preparation for the new building has begun. Materials are driven up to Agua Azul from Moyobamba, about 2 hours away. A road was essentially built just for this portion of the project, the trail leading up the mountain was (and still is) quite steep and difficult to maneuver in any type of moisture. Not only do the coffee farmers and their families take care of their coffee plants, which are now starting to be harvested, but on top of all of that they also are helping to build the school. A general contractor was hired to help spearhead the process, but the building itself will be completed with everyone's combined efforts.


September 2019

Luna Team Visits Agua Azul and shared a meal with the community.  It was a very muddy day and the community is very rural so it took longer than usual to reach the town. As we arrived, we were greeted with a decorated school building and huge applause from the village and a few fireworks. The entire village was incredibly happy to celebrate our partnership and the children in the school prepared a whole celebration for us as a "thank you". The school now is the home for 36 elementary aged children in the village and is a gathering place for the entire community.