The School That Coffee Built

Zykuta School - Sierra Nevada Region, Colombia - COMPLETE (2022)

Zykuta School - Sierra Nevada Region, Colombia - COMPLETE (2022)

Welcome to the Sierra Nevada Region of Colombia.  Our next school project was within the indigenous community of Jewrwa serving 60 students.  This rural community has limited access along with a heavy rainy season which caused serious problems with the infrastructure of the school.  

Part of our Luna Gourmet philosophy is to work with our farming communities to ensure that we are partnering to support the biggest community need.  One of the student's teachers (pictured below) told us that the structure of the school has heavy moisture damage.  The walls are full of moisture and when it rains the walls soak up the moisture and make the learning space cold.  We all agree that we need to fix this space.

Our project started in September of 2021 but remember that rainy season we mentioned?  It was especially heavy this year and our project got delayed for several months while we waited for the access to clear up.  See below for the team working on the road.

Once the rainy season passed, the build could begin.  The build included a school structure as well as new bathrooms.  Bathrooms were built with correct plumbing and septic tanks, which is important for health, safety and the environment within the community.  Because this is also a community center, a shower was installed.

Bathroom Structure Before

Bathrooms Before Project

Bathroom Structure After

As for the school structure during the build there was an increase in attendance from 60 children before to 100 after.  The new school has solid walls with moisture barriers and the roof is updated to ensure that the children stay warm and dry during the rainy season.  A safe and comfortable structure will help the teachers and students focus on schoolwork, which will increase the quality of education.

School Build Progress

School Inside After

Overall, this project had an impact on community moral, as it showed interest in the well-being of the people.  The improvement of the infrastructure directly impacted the safety, health and security of the population.  Thanks to your support of our coffees, programs like this are possible.

Thank you!