The School That Coffee Built

Honduras - El Chaguite School - COMPLETE (2023)

Honduras - El Chaguite School - COMPLETE (2023)

This project was focused on improving the infrastructure of an existing school in the community, with the goals of increasing enrollment and creating a better environment. As a team, we had three goals for this project:

  1. A new lunchroom to allow all students to have a safe and healthy environment.
  2. New wastewater treatment system for the school to dramatically improve sanitary conditions and create a healthier environment for learning.
  3. Fresh paint for the existing schoolroom, to brighten up and maintain the existing building.

Building a New Lunchroom

The first step was to start working on the lunchroom with a detailed plan that included all of the materials required, and a budget.

After developing the plan in September of 2022, we started building, which took about 4 months to complete.

During this time, weekly meetings were held between the school staff and project team members to discuss ideas for what would be in the lunchroom. We designed it from scratch in such a way that it addressed all of their needs, as well as any additional suggestions made by students or teachers.


Improving the Wastewater Treatment System

Armed with a mission to improve sanitary conditions and create a better learning environment, it was imperative to procure all of necessary materials for constructing a new wastewater treatment system at school. Thus, work commenced on this ambitious project. Ultimately, its aim was to revamp their existing sewage facility.

Fresh Paint for the School Room

The final phase of this project was to liven up and preserve the current schoolroom by painting it. The fresh paint helped create a more inviting atmosphere for students.


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